Why Golden Spider Solitaire?

Golden Spider Solitaire is a nice polished cards game than you can play directly in your browser. The game is a classy implementation of spider solitaire, the game that made history with the earlier versions of windows, a golden game for solitaire fans.

Spider Solitaire is one of the most played games of all times. Despite the fact that spider solitaire reached it's highest level of popularity when it was published on windows, the game has a long history, being played in Europe at least since seventeen century. It's fascinating that like other patience card games it was played for centuries, before computers were invented, just using the classic playing cards.


The rules of the golden spider solitaire are simple. You need to arrange all the cards in formations of cards of the same suite. When a suite is complete( from King to Ace), it will be eliminated. The goal is to remove all cards. When the game starts some cards are arranged in 10 piles, only the top cards being revealed. The rest of the cards are in a deck. You can move the cards following a few rules:

  • Cards can be placed only on top of the following one( a three can be placed on a two, a four can be placed on a three and so on... )
  • You can move groups of cards arranged in sequence. They need to be the same color.
  • Depending on the type of the game, the game is played in 1, 2 or 4 colors. The first one is much easier. For the one in 2 colors, you can place the cards in sequence regardless the color, but you can move groups only if they are of the same color.
  • When a sequence from King to Ace if formed with cards of the same color, it is removed.
  • When you don't have remaining moves you can click the deck to deal another 10 cards.
  • The game is finished when you deal all the cards from the deck and all cards are removed in sequences from K to 1. Or when there are no more moves possible. Your objective is to remove all the cards.


Numerous versions were implemented on computers, so the game was already available when it was shipped with Windows XP. Since then there were numerous implementations for all platforms and devices. Some time ago if you wanted to play it on a specific device, you had to download and install a compatible version: for Windows if the official version was not enough you could find plenty of alternatives. For the first mobile devices there were embedded Java versions available. Nowadays you can install and play native versions for Android, iOS or Windows Phone but you can also play golden spider solitaire directly in the browser without installing anything.